Transforming commercial and residential spaces into functional, durable works of art!

Castle Floor Coatings is committed to delivering a high-quality concrete coating process in just one day, creating inviting spaces you’ll love. 

Our 20-year limited* residential flake system warranty is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The possibilities for designer floors extend beyond the garage — to porches, patios, basements, or anything else concrete.

Our services

What we offer

Garage Floor Coatings

We will help you choose the
correct flooring solution to meet
the functionality & styling
requirements of your garage fllors.

Commercial Floor Coatings

We will help you choose the
correct flooring solution to meet
the functionality & styling
requirements of your commercial

Concrete Driveway Power Washing & Sealing

Protect your investment. Sealing
concrete driveways can help to
prevent stains and future

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How Durable Are Our Coatings?

Floor coating
  • 1 Day Installation For Flake Garages
  • Year-Round Installation 
  • Chemical & Slip-Resistant Coatings
  • Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  • Abrasion & Wear-Resistant
  • Strong & Durable (2x stronger than concrete!)

STEP 1 & 2
Diamond Grind & Surface Repair

Profile, repair, & vacuum the concrete surface to ensure the strongest adhesion possible.

After grinding the floor, we assess your surface for cracks, spalls, and divots, and make repairs before installing our coating.

DC, MD, VA Headshot, Branding Photographer
DC, MD, VA garage floor coating

Apply Basecoat

We apply our commercial-grade basecoat using a special squeegee to ensure we achieve the recommended thickness.

STEP 4-5
Full Broadcast Flakes

Epoxy flakes are generously hand-broadcast providing even color & texture to the floor.

All excess flake is removed from the floor leveling the floor to prepare it for final sealing.

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Top Garage coating _12 copy

Apply Final Topcoat

Finally, we apply a 100% UV stable Polyaspartic topcoat. Your new floor will be ready for light foot traffic after 24 hours.

Watch The Coating Process

1 day installation under 30 second

Featured Flakes

click each Flake to explore THE gallery
above the floor
learn about details

Some garages have stem walls and vertical transition walls between the foundation and the above-ground structure. These walls necessitate a uniform finish coating for a refined appearance. Learn more about our additional services, including details on what to expect from the final finishing when done in conjunction with your garage floor coatings.

Achieving an all-sleek look is optimal when coating garage floors, including stem walls and stairs. Discover the recommended stair types for the coating process here: 

Story Behind
Castle Floor Coatings

FAMILY-OWNED with over 20 years of EXPERIENCE ...
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Castle Floor Coatings (previously Castle Floor Epoxy) began in 2018, inspired by the pride of homeownership we all feel. We wanted to offer a service that would help people enhance the value and aesthetics of their homes. At the same time, we wanted to build a business that we could be proud of ourselves. 

When our founder, Ben Asadi, purchased his first home, it occurred to him how little thought people gave to their garages.

As a car enthusiast, he wanted a garage that felt like a true extension of the home. He fell in love with the idea of professionally coated garage floors. He knew there must be others who would want to add value to their homes with professionally coated flooring. So Castle Floor Coatings was born and now profoundly serving clients in DC, MD and VA areas.  

Learn more about the people Behind The Brand here.

Delivering Service
With Integrity

Some people can do paperwork, and people who can do the job, but not a lot who can do both. No excuse for missed deadlines, poor communication, or bad craftsmanship. This is how we have been building a community of Castle Floor Coatings supporters in DC, MD, VA, WV and PA areas! 

Monrovia, MD

“Safe & clean garage coating for my kids” 

– Jose Marin, Veteran 

Leesburg, VA

“We like to entertain people and have poker nights in our garage as well favorite place to spend time with my dogs”

– Chrissie Goodrum, Realtor in Loudoun County 

Reisterstown, MD

“The state of my garage is the first impression you’ll have before entering my house”

– Rodger Bhagwat, Auto Collision Instructor 

The crew was great and the floor looks marvelous.
Glenn Frankel
Glenn Frankel
14 March 2023
Excellent work and customer service would recommend to anyone.
Peter Wainwright
Peter Wainwright
7 March 2023
Excellent work done!
Naveen Nadipuram
Naveen Nadipuram
2 March 2023
Ben and his crew could not have been worse people to work with. It was an awful experience. Good luck to those in the future.
Michael Epcot
Michael Epcot
2 March 2023
Very satisfied with this work. Ben and his crew went above and beyond my expectations. Would refer this company to anyone. The work is exceptional. As a matter of fact, he is doing a job referral from me thos Thursday. Keep up the work. Thanks again
28 February 2023
These guys were great. Extremely professional. When work was completed did a thorough clean up.
Barry Skolnick
Barry Skolnick
24 February 2023
Absolutely fantastic. Ben and the team were amazing. Highly recommend!
Kevin Singh
Kevin Singh
17 February 2023
Good pricing. Job was well planned and completed.
john hamsher
john hamsher
3 February 2023
Super dooper job done. My garage transformed from old to new.
4 January 2023

Lets Talk About Your Project

Elevate your space to new heights—choose Castle Floor Epoxy for a flooring solution that stands the test of time. Don’t wait; experience the transformative power now!

Take Measurements

a) Measure the length x width to get the total square footage. b) If your garage has a vertical concrete border (stem wall) measure its height. A flat rate for stem walls 10" and under this coating is optional.

Take Pictures

Take photos of your garage floor and include any areas of concern like cracks or surface damage. Your garage does not have to be completely empty for a virtual estimate. Attach photos to the contact form via mobile phone or internet browser.

Submit Form

Submit the virtual estimate form with all of the information needed below

Receive Custom Estimate

You will receive a phone call after the form is submitted with the total cost of your garage floor coating. after the form is submitted with the total cost of your garage floor coating.

Virtual estimate pricing is subject to change based on the square footage provided. If the total square footage is different than what was provided the price of the floor will change linear to the dollar per SF rate. Basic spider crack repair, divots and spall repair is included in the surface preparation cost of all of the floors we install. In some cases where garage slabs are severely damaged, we may need to schedule an in-person site visit to assess the best solution for your floor.


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