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Castle Floor Coatings  began in 2018, inspired by the pride of ownership we all feel. We wanted to offer a service that would help people take pride in their homes. At the same time, we wanted to build a business that we could be proud of ourselves.

Ben Asadi

CEO & Founder

Ben, the visionary and founder of Castle Floor Coatings, firmly believes that the best business ideas stem from identifying problems and creating effective solutions. 

His passion for addressing issues in innovative ways led him to establish Castle Floor Coatings in 2018, with a goal of providing top-quality, inventive flooring solutions to meet the needs of homeowners in DC, MD, and VA areas. 

Today, Castle Floor Coatings is proud to be a leader in this new trend on the East Coast, by transforming garages into more functional and attractive spaces. 

We’re changing the standard of what a garage should be and helping people achieve the American dream of a beautiful, well-designed home. Watch Ben’s full Story Behind Castle Floor Coatings brand video below…

Anthony Asadi

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony, as the Chief Operating Officer, assumes the responsibility of supervising and managing all areas of Castle Floor Coatings’  operations to guarantee a flawless end result with great customer service. 

His previous experience as an Army Ranger SFC/E7 has honed his military discipline and dedication, which he applies to continuously improve the company’s offerings. 

With his guidance, Castle Floor Coatings stays ahead of the competition by regularly upgrading its services to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Anthony Asadi photo

Story Behind Castle Floor Epoxy

Invested in Success

We utilize the best and latest equipment and materials to get the job done.

Service Focused

Our work is more than flooring. We believe in delivering hassle-free customer service from planning to completion.

Pride and Integrity

Our business is built around the pride of ownership, and that extends our employees. Our team members act with integrity because we trust them with our success.

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