Professional Concrete Washing & Sealing MD-VA-DC-WV-PA

Why Concrete Driveway Sealing

Protect your new concrete driveway from oil, water, salt, stains & moisture for up to 10 years! !

When I moved into my new home, my concrete driveway caught my attention. I wondered why it was concrete and not traditional asphalt. What if oil or trash stains ruined its pristine look? And would snowy days cause salt damage?

Digging into it, I discovered concrete driveways were trendy but lacked protection – no sealing meant vulnerability to stains and salt damage. Maintenance was crucial, and cracks were a real headache.

As devoted problem-solvers, we expanded our expertise in concrete driveway solutions, striving not only to the most durable options, but also to deliver a service that exceeds their expectations designed with four indispensable criteria in mind:

Longevity – No more yearly resealing; our product stands the test of time.

Protection – Shield your driveway from stains and salt damage, worry-free.

Compatibility – Keep your driveway’s appearance intact and HOA-compliant.

Affordability – Invest for the long term, no yearly reapplications, more savings.

Concrete driveway power wash and sealing before and after

Consumer Grade VS Professional Sealing

The main difference between consumer-grade and professional-grade sealing lies in their Composition: While sealers sold at the big box store will contain 5-20% active ingredients only, professional sealers formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients, can range from 40-100%. This offers enhanced protection and longer service life, reducing the need for frequent reapplications.


Benefits of Concrete Driveway Sealing


Resists oil, water and salt

  • Excellent waterproofing – Penetrates deep within the concrete chemically reacting within the pores and capillaries creating a long-lasting hydrophobic surface that beads water.
  • Resists staining from oil and grease – Oleophobic fluorocarbon makes oil and grease easier to clean from treated surfaces decreasing maintenance requirements
Concrete driveway repel

Reduces Moisture Intrusion

  • Reduces moisture intrusion – Resists wind-driven rain, prevents freeze-thaw damage, spalling, pitting and cracking.
  • Resists atmospheric staining – Resists mold, mildew, lichen, efflorescence and dirt pick up.
  • 100% breathable – Non-film forming. Allows moisture within the concrete to escape without adverse effects to the sealer. Does not trap moisture

Improves Durability

Sealing your concrete not only protects it, but also helps it last longer. It’s worth mentioning that sealing is a cost-effective and straightforward process when compared to the expense of replacing a concrete surface.

  • Improves durability – Prevents capillary uptake of water and the aggressive substances dissolved in it. 
  • Natural flat finish – Does not change surface appearance, UV stable will not breakdown with light exposure and HOA friendly.

How We Do It

photos driveway sealing

STEP 1: Assess the concrete and select the appropriate surfactant needed to clean the slab.


STEP 2:  Pre-soak driveway with surfactants Step


STEP 3:Use commercial surface cleaner coupled with a high-flow power washer to remove contaminants.


STEP 4: After the floor is dry we apply two coats of our deep penetration sealer.



ASW Decorative Concrete Driveways Will Improve A Home's Curb Appeal1

Although our penetrating sealer is widely used for driveway applications it can also be used on a number of other surfaces such as:

  • Concrete/ Brick / Masonry
  • Concrete blocks / Cinder blocks
  • Pavers / Exposed Aggregate
  • Slate / Stone / Stucco
  • Driveways / Sidewalks
  • Patios / Porches / Pool decks

Lets Talk About Your Project

Elevate your space to new heights—choose Castle Floor Epoxy for a flooring solution that stands the test of time. Don’t wait; experience the transformative power now!

Take Measurements

a) Measure the length x width to get the total square footage. b) If your garage has a vertical concrete border (stem wall) measure its height. A flat rate for stem walls 10" and under this coating is optional.

Take Pictures

Take photos of your garage floor and include any areas of concern like cracks or surface damage. Your garage does not have to be completely empty for a virtual estimate. Attach photos to the contact form via mobile phone or internet browser.

Submit Form

Submit the virtual estimate form with all of the information needed below

Receive Custom Estimate

You will receive a phone call after the form is submitted with the total cost of your garage floor coating. after the form is submitted with the total cost of your garage floor coating.

Virtual estimate pricing is subject to change based on the square footage provided. If the total square footage is different than what was provided the price of the floor will change linear to the dollar per SF rate. Basic spider crack repair, divots and spall repair is included in the surface preparation cost of all of the floors we install. In some cases where garage slabs are severely damaged, we may need to schedule an in-person site visit to assess the best solution for your floor.


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