Garage Floor Coatings DC | MD | VA

Let us transform this neglected
space into something that shines!

Your garage can be a welcoming space
and a great way to add value to your home.

Our vision is to help you make your garage something you can be proud of.  We want people to know that having your garage floor coated should be considered the bare minimum. What we do is transform your garage from this old dusty space to a clean and vibrant area that is a true extension of your home.

A garage floor coating is a long-term investment that can help protect your home’s value, while also providing a clean, attractive, and functional space for your vehicles and other belongings.

 The possibilities for designer floors extend beyond the garage — to porches, patios, basements, or anything else concrete.

Our Process

Our mission is simple… its to deliver a long-lasting floor coating using the highest quality materials, equipment, and installation methods while also providing an unrivaled customer experience.
We install our product in your garage, showroom, or commercial space in as little as one day!

  • 1 Day Installation For Flake Garages
  • 2X Stronger Than Concrete
  • Manufacturer-Certified Installation Methods
  • Up-Front & Unbeatable Pricing
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • 20-Year Warranty On Residential Flake Systems
  • State Of  Art Equipment & Materials

Diamond Grind & Surface Repair

Profile, repair, & vacuum the concrete surface to ensure the strongest adhesion possible.

After grinding the floor, we assess your surface for cracks, spalls, and divots, and make repairs before installing our coating.

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DC, MD, VA garage floor coating

Apply Basecoat

We apply our commercial-grade basecoat using a special squeegee to ensure we achieve the recommended thickness.

Full Broadcast Flakes

Epoxy flakes are generously hand-broadcast providing even color & texture to the floor.

All excess flake is removed from the floor leveling the floor to prepare it for final sealing.

DC, MD, VA Headshot, Branding Photographer
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Apply Final Topcoat

Finally, we apply a 100% UV stable Polyaspartic topcoat. Your new floor will be ready for light foot traffic after 24 hours.

Delivering Service
With Integrity

There are people who can do paperwork, and people who can do the job, but not a lot who can do both. No excuse for missed deadlines, poor communication, or bad craftsmanship. This is how we have been building a community of Castle Floor Epoxy supporters in DC, MD and VA areas! 



Monrovia, MD

Safe & clean garage coating for my kids …

– Jose Marin, Veteran 

Leesburg, VA

We like to entertain people and have poker nights in our garage as well favorite place to spend time with my dogs…

– Chrissie Goodrum, Realtor in Loudoun County 

Reisterstown, MD

The state of my garage is the first impression you’ll have before entering my house…

– Rodger Bhagwat, Auto Collision Instructor