Pricing & Estimates

What factors determine pricing?

We like to describe our coatings as artwork. We have all of the skills, materials, and equipment necessary to create a beautiful masterpiece but we, unfortunately, do not get to pick our canvas AKA the existing concrete surface. 

Not all floors were created equally and what might work on one floor may not be suitable for the next. A few factors that we take into consideration when selecting an appropriate system and pricing out an estimate are:

  • Total square footage 
  • Current condition of the slab
  • Moisture content
  • Environmental temperature  

Lets Talk About Your Project

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Take Measurements

a) Measure the length x width to get the total square footage. b) If your garage has a vertical concrete border (stem wall) measure its height. A flat rate for stem walls 10" and under this coating is optional.

Take Pictures

Take photos of your garage floor and include any areas of concern like cracks or surface damage. Your garage does not have to be completely empty for a virtual estimate. Attach photos to the contact form via mobile phone or internet browser.

Submit Form

Submit the virtual estimate form with all of the information needed below

Receive Custom Estimate

You will receive a phone call after the form is submitted with the total cost of your garage floor coating. after the form is submitted with the total cost of your garage floor coating.

Virtual estimate pricing is subject to change based on the square footage provided. If the total square footage is different than what was provided the price of the floor will change linear to the dollar per SF rate. Basic spider crack repair, divots and spall repair is included in the surface preparation cost of all of the floors we install. In some cases where garage slabs are severely damaged, we may need to schedule an in-person site visit to assess the best solution for your floor.