To boost both the style and functionality of your garage, many of our clients choose to extend the coatings beyond floors to above ground -stem walls – creating a seamless finish partway up the wall. This specialized coating called a stem wall coating, improves resistance against moisture.

Garage Stem Walls Epoxy Coverage


1. What is Garage Stem Walls?

You might be wondering, “What’s a stem wall?” In the world of floor coating installations, it’s the area where the floor meets the wall or vertical transition walls between the foundation and the above-ground structure. 

2. Epoxy Flooring is Not Just for Garage Floors

Elevating the appearance of your garage, and coating the stem wall adds to its overall beauty.

This detailed process requires a team of highly skilled professionals, and our crews at Castle Floor Coatings excel as the best in the DC, MD, and VA areas.

stem walls garage epoxy

3. The Stem Wall Surface Conditions Significantly Impact The Final Aesthetic Outcome

Effective epoxy adhesion requires a clean and even surface.  Highfly  recommend a thorough cleaning, repairing cracks or damage, and profiling to ensure proper adhesion, crucial for achieving a long-lasting, flawless finish. While stem wall coating suits even surfaces, repairing cracked, damaged, and uneven wall stems is not part of our coating service. View before-and-after images of similar cases here. 

Garage stem wall epoxy covering

4. Garage Stair Coating  

Achieving an all-sleek look is optimal when coating garage floors, including stem walls and stairs. 

Clinet here opted to coat stairs intead of stem walls.

After stairs and garage floor coatings.  Garage Stairs Coating

Before stairs and garage floor coatings. 

Garage Stairs Coating

If you are considering Epoxy flooring for your home, either indoor or outdoor spaces, pay us a visit at Castle Floor Epoxy in Frederick, or call us. We will show you all the possibilities for customization and pricing Epoxy flooring has to offer.

Watch The Floor Coating Process


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